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BROTO Project

BROTO is a shelving system with many levels: the family, the planet, the future!


Circular Economy

The BROTO Collection embodies many principles of Circular Economy: it is mono-material and can be easily assembled and disassembled using a glueless and screwless method, which also makes recycling or replacing individual parts easier, extending the lifespan of the product. The shelves are made from waste-based wood fibre bonded by an organic non-toxic resin. The material is coloured through and the dye used is also organic and non-toxic.



BROTO is a shelving system with many levels in it: the family, the planet, the future! It is colourful and uplifting, attracting and safely engaging children in the assembly process (round corners, non-toxic materials). It can also be used by the family as a shelving system for educational toys and other objects that surround family life. The furniture adapts to your living situation.


Digital fabrication

BROTO is a fresh interpretation of the digital fabrication aesthetics, striking the balance between
character and simplicity. Through digital fabrication, distributed manufacturing is made possible. And the design information can be shared promoting the emerging concept of Open Source. Instead of “mass production”, it is about spread-out local production and openness to collaboration as a means for “mass customization”.


Thinking modular

Thinking in a modular and adaptive way, a small range of components can be used to form shelves with different loading volumes. The same components can create new configurations. It is about customization and solutions that grow with the family in terms of size or type of use.

In Brazil (where the designer Renata Aminian was born), the name BROTO means "sprout of a plant". For the designer, the word can also represent the beginning of our life... childhood! "When my children were little", Renata says, "I experienced first-hand how essential design concepts are neglected by the industry when it comes to furniture and essential living accessories for a conscious family. It was the beginning of my motivation to contribute to a greener and more child-friendly future, reinventing commonplace artefacts through an understanding of the principles of sustainability and the dynamics of family life."



Step-by-Step Assembly Guide

The BROTO Collection is designed to be assembled safely by adults and children, with a glueless and screwless system for easy assembly and disassembly. Download here the easy step-by-step assembly guide:

Green Product Award 2024

"Being part of the Green Product Award 2024 was an amazing experience! A total of 36 projects were awarded! 3 winners in each of the 12 categories: an established company, a start-up and an individual designer. I am super happy to have been nominated together with so many good designers! And the BROTO Collection is part of the Green Trend Book 2024."

Renata Valadares de Carvalho Aminian

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